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Pokies Games And Winning Odds

From the scourge of society to a harmless past time, slot pokies machines have direct and diverse effects on people’s lives. There are slot machine players who can control what they spend, and do not quickly spend back their winnings when they do win, and there are players who have little control, emptying their bank accounts, maxing out all of their credit cards and even re-mortgaging their homes just trying to win back their losses. For those lucky few, and the number is very small, who have won major, life-changing jackpots in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, playing pokies  machines is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. The problem is that for every success story there are numerous divorces due to familial stress and financial ruin, and thefts and fraud committed to fund slot machine addictions. And slot pokies machines can become very addictive to people once they have won something, even a hundred dollars.

To understand the odds of winning at slot machines you should first understand that the chances of a spin landing on one of the blank pay spots on one of the reels of a slot pokies machine are much greater than the odds of that spin landing on a pay spot with a symbol on it. The odds of winning on a two-reel pokies machine are 1 in (64 squared), and that includes landing a cherry on just one of the pay spots to get the initial wager back. With three reels, the odds of winning any prize become 1 in (64 cubed), or 1 in 262,144 and that includes having just one cherry land on just one of the pay spots. When slot machines have larger jackpots there are more empty spots and different symbols placed on the reels, which make the odds of winning much less. However, slot pokies machines with lower payouts will pay out more often because there are fewer empty spots and pay spots on the reels. The one saving grace is that each slot machine must give their respective jackpot out at least once in those 262,144 spins. The bad part is that you could easily spin the reels on any pokies machine hundreds of times without winning more than double your wager, read more about pokies online.

 Pokies Games Online

There are slot pokies machines with 64 pay lines and more, meaning that you would need to wager $64.00 per spin for the top payout. With most of these multi-pay line slot machines you need to wager two or three units per pay line in order to get the higher prizes and a chance at winning the larger random jackpots. This now means that that $64.00 wager actually needs to be a $192.00 wager per spin on a 3 payout line slot pokes machine to have a chance at the big jackpot. Now, average about 30 to 40 spins per minute, and that quickly becomes thousands and thousands of dollars per hour before deciding that the machine is just not paying out. The math just doesn’t work for the players, but that is likely why slot machines are referred to as ‘one armed bandits’ and not ATMs.

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